OLO is a social game
of skill and strategy

Webby Awards Nominee

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❝thoroughly enjoyable, frustratingly addictive❞
Jeremy Keith, Adactio

❝Sometimes the best games are the simplest❞

❝You'll love to play it with your children❞
Rodrigo Dauster

❝The 'jeux-des-boules' of our generation!❞

❝My new favourite game on the iPad❞
Root Studio

❝Simple game, perfect execution❞
Phil Stuart, Preloaded

How to play

  • The Board
  • OLOs
  • The Round
  • The Goal

About OLO Web

OLO Web is a free game developed for finger-flicking fun on touch devices. Play it straight in the browser or offline and full-screen... no internet required! If you like it please let us know and any suggestions for improvement will be happily received.

OLO Web has been developed with love by Sennep, a London-based interactive design studio with a passion for playful design and new technologies. Other interactive doodles and experiments can be found on Seeds, our R&D site.

Technical Notes

OLO Web is an experiment using latest features of CSS3 and HTML5. The game also uses Sprite3D so big thanks and props go out to minimal.be for creating this awesome library. It has been developed for iPad & iPhone but please let us know how it runs on other devices. For offline and full-screen joy you need to add the app to your 'Home Screen'.

HTML5 CSS3 Touch screens


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