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  • Two player
  • Four player
  • Online multi-player
  • Game Center
  • Themes
  • Voice chat
  • Universal
  • Beautiful soundscape

How to play

  • Aim

    The aim is to flick OLOs into your target zone to score.

  • Steal

    If you overshoot, the opponent steals your OLO.

  • Bounce back

    You can bounce OLOs into your home zone to reuse them.

  • Lives

    Beware, each OLO can only be reused 3 times.

  • Push out

    Push opponent's OLOs out of their target zone.

  • End

    The game is over when all OLOs are used up.

Play OLO

OLO is available on the App Store now!


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  • 1. Why is the game called OLO?

    The name and logo are a condensed representation of the game. Two OLOs divided by the centre line, two players on two sides. It's more obvious if it's spelt OlO (with lowercase l). The idea is that the name is fun, simple and memorable, just like the game ;)

  • 2. Why is there no single player mode against the CPU?

    We conceived OLO as a social game, something that you can play with friends and family at home, in a bar or online, anywhere. An old classic board game for a new generation. However, from your feedback we understand the desired to practice and play when you are not connected or on your own. We are looking into both single-player and training modes. Please follow us on Twitter or Facebook or sign-up for our newsletter to be the first to find out about exciting new releases.

  • 3. How do I identify the remaining life of an OLO?

    Each OLO has 3 lives. A full OLO has 3 pulses of animation when it is in the home zone. An OLO with 2 lives has 2 pulses and 1 life 1 pulse. An OLO with only 1 life remaining is indicated by a flashing animation in the stack of small OLOs still to play and when it is in play.

  • 4. Who composed the soundscape and in-game sounds?

    All the sound design was done by the super talented Sam Britton and Will Worsley from www.coda-cola.com.

  • 5. How can I use chat?

    Chat is available if you have Wi-Fi connection and are playing online against a Game Center friend. The chat option can be found in the pause menu. You can access the menu during a game by pressing anywhere in either target zone.

  • 6. Why am I stuck with "Connecting to Game Center ..."?

    Please make sure you are logged onto Game Center and connected to the Internet.

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